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19th C. Floral Shirred Rug

A fabric bundled shirred rug in wonderful soft colors on a brown background. Wool on linen. American possibly New England circa 1835-50.

Not to be confused with a hooked rug, from American Sewn Rugs (Whitlock & Jamar 2012): "A shirred rug has manipulated fabric or yarn sewn to a foundation with only the sewing thread piercing the foundation fabric." They go on to describe fabric-bundle shirring technique more specifically: "Fabric bundle-shirring uses small pieces of fabric that have been sewn together at their centers, and then sewn to the background support." Fabric bundling often "uses remnants that might otherwise be discarded because they were too small to be used for other fabrics." If only we were as conscientious not to waste in our contemporary society.

I bought this rug because I loved that there was such a variation in color and loud composition but it still registered as so soft. The blush pinks, creams, jade and moss greens, vermillion reds and pop of royal blue all work harmoniously on the soft brown background.

Price: $3500